If you really want to know about me, then you have come to the right page.

I am Laura Steel, which should be obvious by now. I am a 29 year old post-op trans-woman and have been transitioning since…well the specific day gets fuzzy, so I’ll say Oct 15th 2011. The day I renamed myself legally and was reborn officially.

I am not an overly social creature, but ever since my ‘coming out’ I have become a much more active person, enjoying my life the way I choose. The way everyone should have to luxury to do so.

The days I sat weeks on end wasting away are…kind of behind me but are now spent doing something much more constructive, writing. Old habits die hard of course, even if you do have to beat them with a metaphorically created hammer.

However, after a chance encounter with a fellow trans-woman I now have a group of friends who have now provided me a new social life.

After a year of college, and completing the Access to Higher Education diploma, I now attend Bath Spa University in which I am studying for a Creative Writing (BA).

My transition has been a wonderful experience in-which I had grown so much as a person and I have my amazing family & friends to thank for that.

Being blessed with so much love and support has been so comforting. Something I wish the same could be said for others in my position. So a hope of mine is that I can extend this to others who are on their own journeys; to the place they find peace, love and happiness.


Laura Steel ©2015

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