The definition of Digiscriptura and a bit about me.

Why Digiscriptura?

In the many hours of trying to come up with a somewhat witty site name address for my blogs (which seemed like such a minor feat at the time of creation), I almost fried my brain. Ironic as it took me next to no time coming up with my own name, some thing that has defined me so profoundly as to change the course of my life.

Coming up with my site’s address name was a truly cruel experience, one I know all to well will be a constant in my pursuit of a career in writing. We all have roadblocks, even if they aren’t life changing they still affect us all the same. This was next to nothing however, compared to some that I have jumped over to get where I am today so there’s at least a silver lining.

This is including the use of the many tools and sites available online for coming up with names I could use, names that would with any luck make my blogs and other writings stand out…all ultimately failing of course. Not that they won’t for anyone else, just me in this particular instance.

What does it mean? It may mean nothing to no one, something to someone or every thing to every one. Doubt it.

Anyhoo…pretentiousness out the way. [disinterested smiley here]

Trying to be more creative, I found myself turning to Latin. Now I don’t speak Latin. The only phrase I know in Latin is “carpe diem” and who doesn’t know that? I just about passed English and it’s my native language, that’s not something I like admitting but extenuating circumstances affecting my school life were to come into play and often without my realizing.

This concluded with me only receiving a C grade in English GCSE (and that was only after I attempted it twice), so I hope you know the level I’m working from. It still provided a platform on which I came up my title, just because I didn’t wan’t something bland but something that makes sense. It atleast does to me and that’s all I care about.

Here it is broken down…(this is according to Wiktionary’s accuracy) The links are to the pages in question in case your interested.

Prefix: digi-


Noun: scrīptūra

a writing, something written
a composition (act of writing)
a passage of scripture

I actually done a little dance the second it popped onto my screen. Over eight hours of blanking at the screen was finally over…and yes I actually spent eight hours trying to think of the name, the brain cells were clearly on a holiday suffering with jet lag, drunk on an exotic drink by the pool.

I am aware also that I have dropped the accented letters because it would have quite frankly been a hassle constantly typing it out, also have you noticed it rhymes with Laura thats an awesome coincidence. So to me it’s the perfect word for what these vague attempts at writing are all about. What I am all about. Specially as I try to forge a career into a world I know very little about but have every desire to experience to it’s fullest extent possible.

The bit about me.

With all that out the way, I hope that over time I can come up with something that will at the very least get rid of this nagging urge to do something with my life. One that only sprang up earlier this year as I continued to update my personal diary. Something that I at first dismissed as a tool that wouldn’t work venting my thoughts and feelings as a childish pass time.

It was to become one of the single best things I had started doing and still do to this day. My heart would sink the day six months ago I thought it lost (as it only existed digitally at this point), when it was obliterated from my computer when it had become infected with a virus. Causing me to morn it’s loss like a dead pet, or celebrity you have a trace amount of fondness for. The grieving was short live when I found the last remaining copy hiding on a flash drive. Tucked away like a hidden gem shining hope back towards me in it’s pixelated form on my screen, amid the other files of unknown origin and function.

So there it is, hopefully in time I can pick up the pace and flood this site with posts of various writings and the like. Hopefully they will be better written as my journey for a career continues, we shall see.

I feel the need to put a shout out to and Both have become my favorite tools for pursuing my little hobby/potential career, both of which will more than likely be life long companions on my journey as a writer…assuming they are maintained for the duration of my life and/or career…which ever dies first. So epic kudos to their creators and benefactors. You have my sincere thanks.

Until then.

Laura Steel ©2014

Author: Laura Steel

I am the 27 year old trans-woman in current possession of this website. Using this site as a medium for me to practice my chosen vocation as well as being able to vent any thoughts and ideas I so choose, as I am currently in the process of starting my writing career.

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  1. Nicely done Laura.

    One thing you have learned is finding a title for anything we write is often harder than the writing itself – I still struggle with it.

    Love and light

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