Diary of a Mastermind – Part Two – Initial Setup – Haibun

So I have managed to finally recruit a handle of minions, believe it or not there’s a place you can actually go to hire them. They have sworn allegiance to me and will follow my exact word with out question; for pay of course. As well as in exchange for financial gain, I promise not to kill them after we take over the world…well see when it comes to that. Couldn’t believe just how easy it was to find fuck wits willing to do that kind of work for money…but then I am a genius so it wasn’t going to be that hard.

They are rather stupid in terms of overall intellect but then that will be to my advantage, they are very likely to attempt to over throw me before my work is done as they do not have the capacity for it. Still, as long as they don’t go shooting themselves, or each other, they will serve my purpose unquestionably. I have issued them a few easy orders to the time being as I wish to test their capabilities and their willingness to do as they are asked. I don’t think robbing old women and convenience stores will be that hard for them but I can’t afford to be too careful at this stage.

Besides I can’t afford to generate that much animosity at the moment, until I have a much stronger force to repel any interlopers. Quite frankly this new abandoned warehouse we are using is rather piss poor for my needs. It was a pain just hooking it up to the electricity grid without any serious ramifications, let alone using it fully to power any inventions or defenses I am sure to need in the future. Until then I am left with using these idiots for high for menial tasks and trying to develop this fucking super computer that’s causing me stress at the moment. I can’t very well run a base without one and its not as if I can go to a store as ask “Do you have a PC capable of assisting my planning world domination?”. I might be mad but I’m not mad. *sigh*

Pawns now made puppets
Strings are pulled, while plans are made
Subtle control wins

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Laura Steel © 2015

Summer Lightning – Haibun – (CWPS: #4)

Yet another summer week and once again the air is filled with a warm humidity; that is refreshing if there’s wind. Clouds were forming in the distance, the kind that was menacingly tall, wide and very dark. Even before the last waning oasis of clear sky had been vanquished, a loud boom sounded of into the distance, was it thunder? A monster having roared awake from its slumber? Before the Sun could spirit way to the safety of the horizon it had been swallowed whole, not even a single ray of sunshine was able to permeate through the thick blanket it was now enveloped in.


A bolt of lightning struck and claimed its first victim. A poor lone tree in the fields, one that had been blow apart and exploded outward with sap and bark now littering what was once a rather pristine sea of green. A second later, the roar of thunder stretched across the sky and it sounded hungry. Rain drenched the ground with an energized vigour.

The storm continued for hours, it was so captivating to behold such a magnificence natural event; from with in the safety of bricks, mortar and pains of glass. Each strike was so beautiful, not just visually but because each one is unique from the last. Each proceeding boom terrifying though, as it shook the the houses, as well as the very air in any onlooker’s lungs. Like the sirens in ancient mythology, it drew in new inquisitive bodies to participant together in witnessing something so deadly and foreboding.

Yet as soon as the electrical spectacular had swept across, it was gone. Faint murmurs of what it used to be, now dissipated from beyond sight. The show was over and as awesome as it had been to witness, it left those watching wanting more. No mortal could ever hope to stay a beast so malevolent, those who would be foolish to try would feel it’s wrath.

Jagged bolts scar the sky
Conjured forth from vast darkness
Cosmic rage brought forth

Prompt: #4 – 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts for Seasons –  Bryan Cohen © 2012

Laura Steel ©2015


Summer Drought – Haibun – (CWPS: #3)

Yet another sunny day and once again my friend and I went outside to play during our half-term . After about an hour of running around playing outside, we had the novel idea of having a water fight to cool off. We managed to run home even under the extreme heat to plead our case for what could have been a really fun day. However, unbeknownst to us at the time, our county was subject to a hose-pipe ban. We asked what this meant while trying to get over our immediate disappointment at being told simply “no”. It was hard to believe that where we lived we would suffer a drought, although this was fairly obvious from the yellow patchy grass we had been playing on. You get told about these other countries that have droughts because they are nothing but deserts and sand dunes, not likes places like where we live that are practically always raining.

After about twenty minutes off relentless nagging our mum caved in, she said we would be allowed to have a small water-gun fight. The excitement was immense. It didn’t even twig that she might get into trouble for using water so wastefully but at that age we didn’t care. We immediately ran to the shed in pure elation and grabbed the plastic weaponry from off the floor, dusting off what was a blanket of spider weave all over it. We flooded back to the kitchen, which was our first direct source of water. We were barely outside for five minutes before we ran out of ammo and rushed back to reload, only to be halted by our diligent guardian who told us to go change…

…Its hard to believe at that age that what we wanted to waste water so effortlessly, so casually; the source of every living thing on this planet. You don’t really care about it either, not that you are fully aware though that hundreds of thousands of people a year die from dirty water or dehydration, and here we were wasting it. I’m not sure whether to look back now with fond happy memories or guilt…

Essence of all life
Clean water – precious resource
Taken for granted

Prompt: #3 – 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts for Seasons –  Bryan Cohen © 2012

Laura Steel © 2015 

Summer Holiday – Haibun – (CWPS: #2)

HIt was half-term and for the holidays this year my parents actually forked out for a proper trip to the seaside. We were going for the week, staying at a small hotel they had booked using their savings. Along with mum, my sister and myself, dad drove us all for hours just to get there but we didn’t mind. It was the first holiday we all had together, one that we were all old enough to remember.

After arriving at the hotel and checked in, we immediately unpacked and settled into our temporary accommodation, taking an hour or so before we then left for the beach; which was overlooked by our rooms windows. The first thing my sister and myself done when we got their was take off my shoes and socks. I just loved the feeling of the sand on my feet; the almost silky feeling was so pleasant and relaxing as my feet sunk into and were swallowed whole into the grainy loose floor.

We stopped near the wall furthest area away from the water’s edge. Mum flung out a blanket for us to sit on while dad prepared the picnic we were going to have. All I remember is wanting to rush out to the water and splash about but we were abruptly stayed. Mum had ordered us to sit down while she lathered our backs with a sunscreen. At the time I never really understood why, when I questioned mum she merely said it was to protect us but divulged no further into how.

I’ll always be fond of this holiday, it was such a great time for all of us as we all had so much fun. It always saddens me that we will never have that sort of time together again. I suppose as time goes on things change, as do people. I only hope that one day, when I have kids of my own, my family will have that same time together, being happy. The need for nostalgic relived moments like that are a powerful thing to resist.

Happy times are rare
Cherished memories fade slow
Protected by love

Prompt: #2 – 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts for Seasons –  Bryan Cohen © 2012

Laura Steel © 2015


Summer Heat – Haibun – (CWPS: #1)

It was that horrible time of year again, during mid July. Apparently it is the hottest Summer we’ve had for years. I can’t stand this heat, I never have, there’s just no end to it. Its relentless. Where ever you go, what ever you do, its there…haunting you; its like some poltergeist that’s hell bent on scaring you out of your skin, only in this case sweating. I much prefer being too cold and having the option to wrap up than being unable to escape the unrelenting ambient warmth that can’t be quelled even with the strongest of electronic fans.

Everything was ok up until last week, we could just about manage. We had this rather decent air conditioner, pumping that ice cold relief into our home; it precariously sat perched on the window sill. That sweet chilled air was such a welcomed break from the relentlessness of Summers worst boon. Alas, it packed up. Now we are here, sticking to the furniture like insects cemented to fly paper, trying to forget the sweltering heat that we have been enveloped in, that is making us feel so lethargic and bored. We can’t even afford a new one because dad needed new tyres on his car and the vet bill from our poor cat has hampered any hope for a new one. I do hope this heat will relent before we all melt like poor snowmen on a beach.

A heat that won’t quit
No escape from the fever
The Sun’s blaze baths all

Prompt: #1 – 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts for Seasons –  Bryan Cohen © 2012

Laura Steel © 2015

Diary of a Mastermind – Part One – Ambitious Dream – Haibun

I’m just so sick of it all, those fucking cretins have it coming. All of ‘em. I’ll have to do something resolute, oh I don’t know, something drastic I think. Create a virus that becomes a worldwide pandemic, concoct a acidic poison that melts the flesh or wage a war that brings utter destruction. They will know the meaning of the word “suffering”, they will know my resolve of a new world order. I’ll usher in the new age of my will and it will be glorious!

Oh, but where to start? I have no money for this endeavour, no capital to release of it’s equity. I will have to start somewhere, somewhere small. Meagre purses and wallets are too small and banks are just too large…for now; and what of the security? I will need an army; minions to do my bidding, henchmen to sweep the land and patsies to take the fall. The mindless masses will have to be subverted, but how?

So much to do and so little time. I’m going to need a token of my strength, a way of marking my supreme intelligence, what I need is a symbol; something for all those mindless idiots to look to, all under the guise of more prosperous and better life.

Promises, promises, *manic laugh*.

Burning rage ignites
A plan is set in motion
Mindless cogs turn gears

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Laura Steel © 2015

Starbound – Left adrift (1) – Haibun

The first thing I remember, was waking up on my side. The intense chest pain, a head ache, lungs polluted with smoky fumes plagued me. An irritatingly loud alarm ringed through my ears; indicating something surely was wrong. Debris was everywhere and I had no idea where I was. In a obviously dire condition to do anything, I knew I had to try and put it all together as best I could. Getting up was hard, lugging up my near corpse, I struggled to balance against the wall. Noticing the porthole, I realised the black abyss revealed on the other side was in fact the vastnesses of space. I rested my bloodied forehead on the scratched cracked glass and I could see through it a planet of magnificent purple landmass and vibrant green seas. I knew it was not my home planet nor did I know of the place I had originated from.

A console with a pulsing bright light drew me towards it. Mesmerized, I hoped it would provide answers. I tapped the screen and it illuminated me with the flicker of a digitized face; a rather ambiguous face at that. The artificial intelligence wished to assist me, it explained; it too had no intention of dying either. After a brief introduction and reorientation I had to assume the A.I. was helping; the alternative being left adrift and wandering space aimlessly. I geared up with any supplies I thought useful and managed to the teleporter pad. I took a deep breath as apprehension took hold. I hesitated to initiate the process, while fully unaware of what waited on the planet below…

Among the bright stars
Adventure awaits the brave
Warp through the unknown

Laura Steel © 2015

Summer Break – Haibun

Yet another summer break from school and my parents had already decided where we would go for our little trip out. We all went to the aquarium of all places, it was quite the journey even with the motorway, I had never been before so I was quite excited. We spent the whole day there, from early in the morning till late afternoon. It was a beautiful sunny day as well and the park’s decorations of fibreglass fish, rocks, fake coral and painted wooden signs were just as bright as the tropical fish.

I had ran off slightly, ignoring my mothers repeated pleas, I wanted to see it all; not missing any of the species of aquatic life housed there. I could hear my parents speaking in the background, even while I ran round trying race round. I thought it was a little weird the way they were doing it though, they were really loud at times and as red as the lobsters; like the ones I saw earlier. I noticed other people were looking at them funny but I just went back to my staring brightly eyed into each tank.

I used loved those days we all spent as a family, from time to time I reflect in a wild fit of nostalgia. How things have changed now.

Splendid fishy school
Lying brightly in the sun
Nay, are they not dead?

Prompt: https://jeremysdailychallenge.wordpress.com/2015/01/29/challenge-2015-week-5-29-january/

Laura Steel ©2015

Half-term Trip – Haibun

I remember one time; a half-term when I was twelve, that I had the whole week off from school. I originally thought that I would just spend it playing in the street with a few of my friends or on my game console like usual, however mum and dad had surprised me. We were going to go to the zoo of all places. I thought I had never been, so I was really excited. Mum and dad said I had when I was younger, like two maybe, with my older brother; but I can’t remember. The journey was rather long but then most trips are when your fairly young.

When we got there we spend a few hours walking around. I loved the aviary section, which was unwillingly to become my favourite. I loved looking at all the birds, they were all so beautify. The best one for me was clearly the peafowls, the male peacocks were just stunning. The way they would fan out their tail feathers into that broad display of blues, greens and yellows. And those eyes! Those dozens of eyes, they just captivated me. I almost forget they were attached to the bird and I could have starred for hours at them. However, we still had much of the zoo to see and I reluctantly had to go with the rest of the family. I really wish I could have one as a pet.

Hexed by pretty plumes
A fan of feathers bewitch
The eyes stare so bold

Prompt: https://jeremysdailychallenge.wordpress.com/2015/01/08/challenge-2015-week-2-8-january-2015/

Laura © 2014

Internal anger! – Haibun

I don’t know why it happens, getting myself so worked up. All I can think of is putting my fist through a wall, wishing it were the face of everyone who ever wronged another or have said something I’ve found to be abhorrent or intolerant. Watching the news on TV usually or the many clips and articles online, they all do it; building up this rage inside of me I find so difficult to release. Why must I feel so angry? Why me of all people? – I didn’t asked for this.

I always thought I was rather laid back and easy going kind of person. Those pills I used to take for depression would work but they zombiefied me to the point of being a nothing of a person, it was simple yet boring existence, devoid of any emotion. I don’t know what is worse.

I’ve watched other people going about their lives, most oblivious of the plight of others, acting like nothing is wrong with the world. I bet they would change their tone if the roles were reversed, they were the ones looking up, reaching out for that hand of a saviour, with the desire to be rescued but then realise that feeling of horrible loneliness; the fact no one would help them. It’s a selfish attitude, acting with such apathy of others; like someone else’s problems are none of their business. Or do they actually not care?

Angered by others
Intense fury burns within
I’m consumed by rage

Laura Steel © 2015