Down by the river – Limerick

Enjoying waters and blithe sky,
a boating couple floats on by.
they row very loud,
like gods have endowed,
even angels in heaven cry.


Laura Steel © 2014

Something to remember (Shakespearean sonnet)

The match of howling metal shrills and screams,
the march of feet sink, metal clink, ‘cross mud.
Whistles are blown! The order – thousand teams
do charge. Rolling thunder, the deafen thud.

A barrage, into sunken gullied home.
The panic, fear and death, some-things to dread.
Lucky shot? Maybe planned? – it pierced a dome.
A friend – no brother! Cut down in stead.

Years have passed, the fields have become vibrant,
yet we know, why they remain so redden.
One must not forget: something so violent,
now we march, with hearts forever leaden.

As an act of remembrance, we fell our own head.
If only to fame, our beloved dead.

Laura Steel © 2014

Day of the Dead (Wreathed Huitain)

“On this most chilling, moonlit night,
a night of pain, sadness and fear.
Fearless monsters come out to fright,
frightened fleeing far; chased out clear.
So clearly do they shed a tear,
tears of unfathomable dread.
Dreadness ever the domineer,
dominates o’er the fated dead.”

“Please heed these deathly words my dear,
so dearly they’re my last to give.
Given my time sorely dawn near,
near the time repented, I live.
I lived to see you grow up strong,
last strength of my life, cut so shear.
Sheared from those I forever long,
longing to live on, with loved cheer.”

Laura Steel © 2014

Halloween Horde of Harmony

Trick or Treat? (Haiku)
Beware Halloween!
Knock! Knock! It’s time to decide!
Do you: Trick or Treat?

R.I.P (Haiku)
Rest from the living.
In treasuring remembrance.
Peace is your cohort.

Vampire (Haiku)
Stained razor sharp fangs.
An undead night-walker draws blood.
Seeks warm crimson meal.

Will-o-wisp (Haiku)
Oh, that will-o-wisp.
Mischievous little spirit.
A free, foolish fire.

Furry Familiar (Haiku)
Fur as black as night.
Yellow feline eyes pierce the soul.
Witch’s familiar.

Wicked Witch (Limerick)
There once was a witch so scary,
who had boils and warts quite hairy.
So beware of her gaze,
or be left in a daze.
She’ll eat your eyes like a cherry.

Old witch (Limerick)
There once was a scold witch so dire,
Flying a bold broom going higher.
But the stupid old crone,
made it out of mould bone,
She fell on top of a rolled pyre.

Werewolf (Limerick)
Wild hunger it draws on its prey.
Wise cunning has led it astray.
With sharp teeth and keen claws,
Wide roaring drool-gaped maws,
Where one easy mouthful will flay.

Trick and treating (Epigram)
Into the streets kids like to roam,
Rushing each available home.
Garbed in masks, make up or old sheets,
they search mischief, fun and horde sweets.

Devil (Epigram)
When his presence comes into sight,
his appearance will give you fright.
Try as you fray, you’ll want to pray,
or he’ll flay you with all his might.

Rotten Horde (Epigram)
Corpses of weathered rotten skin,
roaming hordes they shamble with kin.
Do your best to hide, run or gun,
because once bit, you’ll become one.

Laura Steel © 2014

What’s your problem? (Non-metered Sonnet)

What have I done to you, stranger unknown?
you attack like I offend so dire!
Oh, what raging fists, spiteful words you’ve thrown,
before you slink away and retire.
I plead; please will you empathise with me,
try to understand what it is I feel.
Emote with that person you do not see,
before you wound me, with words and cold steel.
My mind and body are not one, while whole,
stop treating me like an abnormal freak.
Don’t belittle my mind, my heart, my soul,
treat me as a fool, as if I am weak.
Imagine the tables turned, spun around,
Wouldn’t you want what I want, common ground?

Laura Steel © 2014

The Wicked Wisp

On the most devilish of nights, in the darkest reaches of Impium wood, an unholy grove exists. Rumours are foul of it’s inhabitant. Fouler still? The smell; rotten, musky, with just a little bit of mould.

Haunted by non other than the Wicked Wisp of Impius; unspoken by the locals. Tales tell of a spirit most horrid, named of a place so dreadful such as this. Radiator of that oh so sickly orange aura. It’s wickedness, told by drunken truth and basked in sobered doubt. 

It’s cheeky grin and evil emanating eyes are the first and last to be seen by those curious looking fools. Distance of miles nor dodging of trees will not save those foolish enough to enter it’s realm; the twisted woods both dead and undying. The eater of lost souls, the devourer of bone, knows where you roam.

You may have heard of it’s charm, that sweet childlike laughter, but do not be fooled it’s not there for games.

No sword can fend it off. No shield or armour can save your hide. No magic can disperse it’s malevolence.

Reader please beware!
This is your only warning!
Do not proceed on!


Laura Steel © 2014


Reaching Out

Under a heavenly baize,
Trillions of eyes blink.
A fathomless face,
Into which I sink.
Beyond that draws my gaze.

Upon a body, I stand.
Staring up above.
Outwards I reach,
With a hopeful glove.
Anchored, upon the land.

Pain of blocked desire,
Forbidden by response.
Haunted, and longing.
Void of comic sconce,
Echoes the radiant choir.

Faced with absolute cold,
Bitterness I cry.
Please hear me!
Unheard, passed the sky.
Into the endless void.

Laura Steel © 2014

Heavenly Haikus

Thunder & Lightning

A roll of thunder
Crackling flash of bolted light
Zeus casts his fury


Floating vapours sour
Through open sky they collide
Heavenly landscape

Sun’s Light

From Sun’s light life grows
Radiant and luminous
Blinding light, we bathe.

Dancing Pearl

Our little sibling.
Little white pearl, gyrates.
Dancing forever.

Expanding Void

The eternal void
Vast expanding universe
A womb to all life

Laura Steel © 2014

Prompted Poems – Perfect World

A perfect dream? (Haiku)

In a perfect world
We’d ideally get along
Is it just a dream?

Misunderstood (Limerick)

Getting along would be good,
Loving each other we should.
But some people hate,
Forgetting would be great.
If only they weren’t misunderstood.

Ruined (Cinquain)

Our world
Is beautiful
Many vistas to see
But neglect can turn it to ash

Perfect World (Acrostic)

Perpetually spinning
Eternal in orbit
Radiance of Sun embraced
Flowing long rivers
Erupting volcanoes rage
Cold winter poles
Traversing mountains and forest

Will be ruined by arrogance
Oppressed by tyrants
Ruined by pollution
Littered by rubbish
Destroyed by ignorance

We’re not perfect! (Monotetra)

The whole wide world is beautiful.
It’s lush plants and trees are fruitful.
It’s growing life is mutable.
It’s provable, It’s provable

But our ignorance can infect.
Our arrogance promotes neglect.
We all should do more to respect.
We’re not perfect! We’re not perfect!


Laura Steel © 2014