Poems of the Wandering Poet (Part 2)

City of Cold Gold (Limerick)

There is a City of Gold
It’s shiny, gleaming and bold.
It has a great look,
Hid away in it’s nook,
But I’m not a fan of the cold.

The Cruel King (Limerick)

Such a beautiful city
Built by those that I pity
But such is the cruel King
Who had them duly sing
“We wish it was more pretty!”

Frozen Toes (Epigram/Limerick)

I thought my toes were lost,
From the bitterness of the frost.
I sit by the fire, getting them dryer,
So hungry now it has become dire.

Whim (Echo Verse)

Where is the Prince?
A while now, he has left.
No on his own.
It appears so.
No above ground.
He has not been heard.
He said nothing.
He didn’t pack supplies.
No it’s all true
No I didn’t, but I suspect.
I will look for him.

Blinded Greed (Chaining Rhyme)

With in the cavernous hall,
Of brown rocks jagged edge.
A lone city stands tall,
As does much of the sedge.

Each dazzling polished face,
Has a reflective shine.
Too criminal to deface,
Something so utterly divine.

A pain to the people,
Constructing til death.
From ground to steeple,
Until their last breath.

A king of such greed,
Never satisfied at all.
Abuse of his power,
Will cause his long fall.

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Laura Steel © 2014

Poems of the Wandering Poet (Part 1)

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Flash fiction that was the bases of the following poems.

The pain of others (Chaining Rhyme)

I see what others do not,
a world of deepening pain.
It’s growth is never sought,
life is grown in strain.

Blocked healing by a clot,
greed and hate do sustain.
Love that friends forgot,
slay each other in vain.

Bodies start to rot,
of innocents of the slain.
Evil stands on those who fought,
expands it’s dreadful reign..

Writing while frozen (Chaining Rhyme)

A howling wind causes fright,
like breath from a drake.
A canvas of pure white,
easy under foot does it break.

Ink and lines blurred from sight,
as snow falls form of flake.
My hands can barely write,
on parchment of my own make.

Ones mind begins to fight,
the body tries to shake.
This cold is a dreaded blight,
as fingers start to ache.

The world from above (Double Tetractys)

Mountain clouds
See the forest
Below me I watch the whole world go by
It’s beauty is without question, I gaze.
Life living on
Were as I

Mountain Cold (Haiku)

The cold is biting
The white death is coming if
I let it claim me

Frozen Inspiration (Epigram)

This cold is beyond contemplation,
Had I known I would not have come.
But material for writing is temptation,
I just wish I wasn’t numb!

Woah! (Echo Verse)

Why am I up here?
No, material to write.
Up high on a hill.
Yes it’s very cold.
I know, it was daft.
I have written something.
No, their poems about snow.

Laura Steel © 2014

Oringal Prompt:  http://jeremysdailychallenge.wordpress.com/2014/07/23/challenge-wednesday-23-july/

A Dolphin Pod Poem

From depths they jive
Under vast open
Every day they skive
The aqua in motion

From penetrating dive
They live unbroken
As one they thrive
Bonds form devotion

A pod forever
Surviving outspoken
On journeying endeavour
Subversive provoking

Conveying weather
Alive and woken
Uplifted by zephyr
A glancing token

When time is right
They’re joyful dances
Leap into flight
At moment glances

Sun strikes light
Into darken advances
Given no fright
They take their chances

A family of dolphin
Go on unbound
Living as kin
In liquid surround

To each they grin
A click of sound
Glistening skin
They’re beauty astound

Laura Steel © 2014

Prompt : http://jeremysdailychallenge.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/picture-this-monday-21-july/

A painting and a poem.

Dusky Beach ©Laura Steel 2014

The last remnants of great fire fade,
sparse clouds disperse revealing a mirage of shade.
A dusky horizon gateway to bleed, dancing photon sprites yet to be freed.
It’s remaining warmth; a falling sun,
another evening successfully spun.

While whispering light continues to sway,
looping waves crash into the bay.
Aqua pulverized into sandy shore, old scars mark past trauma before.
Evidence of assault, refusing to quit,
leave receding wakes of darkened grit.

The once bountiful brilliant expanse,
continues in darkest it’s eloquent dance.
Across the wavy azure into the meld, dissipating rays about to be felled.
A chance revealing, the deep void beyond,
continuing forward about to abscond.

Tomorrow the distant sun will return,
refueled motivation and desire to burn.
Constant heat causes more cloud, both remain bonded magnificently loud.
All warmth has gone, another day ends,
forever the two shall remain friends.

©Laura Steel 2014

My first attempted at a combined painting and poem project.

Laura Steel.