First day of work – (2)

An abrupt alarm sounded, it’s irritating pitched scream stopped with an half unconscious hand that had rose aimlessly to destroy it. A nagging morning headache followed Bret around his room as he readied himself for his first official day in security.

Lead by a hovering info-droid, Bret’s induction took form of brief unmemorable walk through the lower residential sector of the mine, dodging mindless dirty faces and other droids, ending with him being shown his desk at the security station and an explanation of all the amenities.

** asked the info-droid in it’s broken mono-tone voice.

“No that’s all.” replied an irritated Bret, as he sat down at his predecessor’s desk. Looking around the room to what will become his second home from now on.

*!* The info-droid acknowledged with the pre-programmed politeness before hovering off.

“So you must be my new partner? The name’s Sarah.” Spoke the female officer rather huskily in front of Bret as he sat down.

“I guess so. I’m Bret.” he replied, as they politely shook hands.

“Alight everyone!” Announced the chief office. Bret looked up at his slightly grizzled and overweight boss. “We have two new officers joining us today…even though I asked for six…not that the company gives a shit. So make ‘em feel welcomed and all that bollocks.” The chief waved off his statement almost as disinterest as he spoke it. “…apart from that…it’s the same thing as usual.” He re-entered his office to the barrage of calls that expected him.

“Come on.” Sarah instructed by nodding to the exit, putting on her slightly worn leather jacket and holster…“Time for work.”


Laura Steel © 2014

Author: Laura Steel

I am the 27 year old trans-woman in current possession of this website. Using this site as a medium for me to practice my chosen vocation as well as being able to vent any thoughts and ideas I so choose, as I am currently in the process of starting my writing career.

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