Wedding Day

It was one of those rather blissful warm days. The sun was in and out with the patchy clouds and when the gentle breeze kissed the face is was joyfully pleasant. As it is customary in these social outings, people gathered and grouped, talked and chatted; about how perfect the day was or how well the location was ideal. Its doubtful that they actual mean any of it, it’s just one of those trivial pleasantries you get at a wedding these days. ‘Oh my look how lovely she looks’, you can hear being on occasion, when if fact chances are they think the entire dress is ghastly. Or ‘look at that, doesn’t the bridesmaids looking stunning!’, while quite clearly they are wearing dresses so otherworldly you’d think clowns had been booked for the event. Some of course would argue that is the point of them; to be the ultimate sacrifice that is expect of best friends; that is they get to look like a twat, so the bride looks ten times better than is physically possible.

The obligatory walk down the isle from the bridesmaid and father linked together in that traditional giving away; I wonder just how many dads actually think ‘thank fuck for that, they aren’t my problem anymore’, I’m sure a few have. Still, the saying of the vows and the exchange is the main thing. The bashful smile, as they look deeply into each other’s eye like they are drawing strength from each other’s very own soul. The final caressing of each other’s hand, as they say the ‘I do’s, as they slip on the precious golden ring and finally become one…

…It’s the ‘does anyone have any reason why’ part, I’m waiting for…


Laura Steel © 2015

Author: Laura Steel

I am the 33 year old trans-woman in current possession of this website used to promote my chosen vocation of writing, as well as being a blog for general rants and ideas. I am also an amateur improviser, sketch actor and stand-up comedian.

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