Half-term Trip – Haibun

I remember one time; a half-term when I was twelve, that I had the whole week off from school. I originally thought that I would just spend it playing in the street with a few of my friends or on my game console like usual, however mum and dad had surprised me. We were going to go to the zoo of all places. I thought I had never been, so I was really excited. Mum and dad said I had when I was younger, like two maybe, with my older brother; but I can’t remember. The journey was rather long but then most trips are when your fairly young.

When we got there we spend a few hours walking around. I loved the aviary section, which was unwillingly to become my favourite. I loved looking at all the birds, they were all so beautify. The best one for me was clearly the peafowls, the male peacocks were just stunning. The way they would fan out their tail feathers into that broad display of blues, greens and yellows. And those eyes! Those dozens of eyes, they just captivated me. I almost forget they were attached to the bird and I could have starred for hours at them. However, we still had much of the zoo to see and I reluctantly had to go with the rest of the family. I really wish I could have one as a pet.

Hexed by pretty plumes
A fan of feathers bewitch
The eyes stare so bold

Prompt: https://jeremysdailychallenge.wordpress.com/2015/01/08/challenge-2015-week-2-8-january-2015/

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