Internal anger! – Haibun

I don’t know why it happens, getting myself so worked up. All I can think of is putting my fist through a wall, wishing it were the face of everyone who ever wronged another or have said something I’ve found to be abhorrent or intolerant. Watching the news on TV usually or the many clips and articles online, they all do it; building up this rage inside of me I find so difficult to release. Why must I feel so angry? Why me of all people? – I didn’t asked for this.

I always thought I was rather laid back and easy going kind of person. Those pills I used to take for depression would work but they zombiefied me to the point of being a nothing of a person, it was simple yet boring existence, devoid of any emotion. I don’t know what is worse.

I’ve watched other people going about their lives, most oblivious of the plight of others, acting like nothing is wrong with the world. I bet they would change their tone if the roles were reversed, they were the ones looking up, reaching out for that hand of a saviour, with the desire to be rescued but then realise that feeling of horrible loneliness; the fact no one would help them. It’s a selfish attitude, acting with such apathy of others; like someone else’s problems are none of their business. Or do they actually not care?

Angered by others
Intense fury burns within
I’m consumed by rage

Laura Steel © 2015

Author: Laura Steel

I am the 27 year old trans-woman in current possession of this website. Using this site as a medium for me to practice my chosen vocation as well as being able to vent any thoughts and ideas I so choose, as I am currently in the process of starting my writing career.

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