Summer Break – Haibun

Yet another summer break from school and my parents had already decided where we would go for our little trip out. We all went to the aquarium of all places, it was quite the journey even with the motorway, I had never been before so I was quite excited. We spent the whole day there, from early in the morning till late afternoon. It was a beautiful sunny day as well and the park’s decorations of fibreglass fish, rocks, fake coral and painted wooden signs were just as bright as the tropical fish.

I had ran off slightly, ignoring my mothers repeated pleas, I wanted to see it all; not missing any of the species of aquatic life housed there. I could hear my parents speaking in the background, even while I ran round trying race round. I thought it was a little weird the way they were doing it though, they were really loud at times and as red as the lobsters; like the ones I saw earlier. I noticed other people were looking at them funny but I just went back to my staring brightly eyed into each tank.

I used loved those days we all spent as a family, from time to time I reflect in a wild fit of nostalgia. How things have changed now.

Splendid fishy school
Lying brightly in the sun
Nay, are they not dead?


Laura Steel ©2015

Author: Laura Steel

I am the 33 year old trans-woman in current possession of this website used to promote my chosen vocation of writing, as well as being a blog for general rants and ideas. I am also an amateur improviser, sketch actor and stand-up comedian.

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