Codex: Four – The Great Schism

After the Guild’s construction it’s members further grew in number, more came to embrace the Dark Ones. The change in perceptions of a vast majority of Umbrianox’s population also changed their attitudes. Decades of the Venators’ presence saw the majority of citizens start to nurture the comradery and society cohesion that was once rare in a nation previously dominated by anarchy. Meanwhile, there were others, less inclined to act civil or with compassion, who found yet more reasons and excuses to commit evil acts upon one one another.

These conflicts between individuals became so frequent, and the need for retribution so strongly felt, that the Venators were in the constant employ of people seeking their talents. Other lesser factions, that were comprised mainly by those who had become disaffected by the Venators’ methods, seized on the financial opportunities and rivalries broke out between newly established guilds.

Forever more, the Umbrian nation would be plagued with its own internal war, between those believing they were the most morally superior. Most altercations would, fortunately, be confined to the darkness, where the majority of the public would be totally ignorant of, yet no less unaffected. However, slowly word would spread of their influence. Over the decades, and tired of the increasing number of altercations that grew between the citizens, thousands cried out in protest at the perceived failure of the Venators. Criticism arose over their ability to control the chaos that persisted on the streets of Umbrianox and the surrounding villages. A dozen or so years of bloodletting altercations and armed conflicts broke out, between those faithful to Unu’mia’s teachings and those who sought to undermine the Guild’s efforts, and thus this gave rise to The Great Schism. The internal Umbrian war was bloody, with parts of the city sectioned off in a multi-headed deadlock. Pestilence and disease broke out and supplies destined for each area were either intercepted or destroyed. The Great Schism almost saw the city of Umbrianox brought to the brink of destruction. The conflicts would eventually end, with the Guild’s combined efforts, prevailing ideology and, more importantly, their leadership under Una’mia were undoubtedly the cause of this. As a consequence, however, this would come at a heavy cost.

During a final desperate mass raid on the Venator Guild, by multiple aligned factions, a majority of the Venator were forced to defend their hallowed ground. The main force was preoccupied, while Unu’mia was left with but a handful of personal guards. This opportune moment, seized by a few traitorous Venator from within, eventually saw the assassination of Unu’mia. The killing blow would be delivered by none other than her most promising student, Carbor Fraus. Una’mia was left trapped in her chamber, through Carbor’s use of a rare Solis Orb; an artifact which renders a Venator unable to Shadowshift in darkness and was finally killed by a Venon bomb. Upon exploding, it released a cloud of a deadly toxin. Una’mia unable to escape was caught within its deathly vapor and perished without defense. What had become of Carbor, after the Schism, is still yet unknown. Rumour has it that he died due to the bombs exposure too, in a form of self-motivated sacrifice, however his body was never recovered.

The loss of their patron, Una’mia’s remaining disciples were blinded with rage and confusion. Without leadership, they found themselves temporarily unable to proceed and as a further consequence, without her guidance, the Venator became further divided.

This was argued, mostly by the few scholars that existed at the time, to have been the plan of the Dark Ones all along; that Unu’mia was merely their puppet and everything that she accomplished was of their design. With the exasperated anarchic conflict of Umbrian citizens being their ultimate goal.

The remaining disciples of Unamia, in their ruthless attempt to rebuild the Guild, began to refine their recruitment and methods.

The Guild, as it is today, is that which resulted in the Great Schism. Had it been left unscathed, it would have undoubtedly become much more powerful that it already is. This has been suggested, by many, to have been a good thing. Not just for Umbrians but the entirety of Hexterra itself. However, there are others, justifiably it might be said, to be far worse. The Venators have become far more ruthless and secretive. The tragedy that beset them refined their efforts, to the point that none dare speaks a word against them, less the shadows themselves convey their criticism to a bitter end. This may be true to some extent, but you can be assured, as a potential disciple of the Venator Guild, that our true motives, the real truth behind our aim, is far more complex than any of the ordinary citizens can discern. They will fear the Venators or die in our darkness.

Praise be to the Dark Divines.

from the Venator Codex of Vindictism: Codex Four – The Great Schism
– Circa 642 M.W.E. (Magikron Wars Era)

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