The Day They Arrived

The day they arrived back 12 years ago; it’s 2043, so yeh 12 years ago now. It was most probably the most monumental day in human history, if you discount World War III that is. It dominated the news for months, it was far beyond the most interesting of events that happened across the planet at the time. Some news stations attempted to highlight a few natural disasters but quite frankly they were so obviously reported with no real enthusiasm and were ushered through with some moderate haste just to get back to the back issue; given the media’s bias it only further trivialised the thousands of deaths and those left homeless…but I’m digressing.

When it first happened I was sat in my kitchen at the time, scoffing my usual breakfast of muesli and I was late for work, in which it felt like one of those shitty days but not because of what happen; not that being late would have mattered that day. The first thing I heard was the faint screams flooding in from my framed window and then the high pitched tires screeches and car horns. Then the most horrendous rumble; the sound was so intense I could feel it through my apartment floor and echoing into my feet and legs and resonating through my lungs. It shortly followed by the increasing rattle of everything I possessed shaking against anything horizontal or vertical surface, the occasional shatter of picture frames and crockery smashing from within the cupboards next to me; the annoyance of know they would have to be replace didn’t register in my conscious at the time.

I rushed to the window after I could see the light pouring through them darken, as the sun was blotted out it cast half of London in complete shadow. All that could then be seen; as recorded by people’s mobile phones, was the bright patchy skies turn a most magnificent of fiery reds, the centre tipped with a yellow and white bullseye, bursting through the brilliance of the patchy blue background. The screaming and shouting grew louder, almost in a vain attempt to drown out the roar of the maleficence shadow looming overhead. The more people rushed outside to see what was going on the louder it grew. Everything that happened caused a feeling of a deep pang of fear and anxiety, which overwhelmed me before I realised that it was not from any earthquake; not in London anyway. Other more apocalyptic events rushed through my head was it a comet, or larger meteor? What it was was far from what I, or anyone I expect felt, as there was an almighty explosion and deep deafening boom; that almost sucked the air out of everybody’s lungs.

It was a space ship! I couldn’t believe it unless I had seen the news. Amateur mobile phone recordings showed it landing rather spectacularly in Hyde park, almost like it was being kept as a planned runway for it, curving a deep trench parallel to Baywater Road. As it bit into the green and brown like a massive farmer’s plough it kicked up so much dirt that it plastered just about everything in it’s wake. There were unfortunately a few reported deaths and cases of missing people; who were most of likely caught underneath the ship as it crashed. It came to a grinding halt right up to Kensington Palace, almost like the royal building was a train stopper ready for it, I’m sure his royal majesty would not have approved of it being destroyed. Before the dust even settled I could hear sirens, whirling and howling from all directions, as the emergency services were obviously called to assist the hurt or perhaps confront those from within the alien hull.

The rest of the week the country was at a standstill, no one could make out just what to do. As nothing had emerged from the ship at the time politicians and other heads of state attempted to calm the country and state they had it under control, urging the population to go back to their normal lives and continue to work if they could, as always they of course were naively ignorant. Needless to say after that day 12 years ago the world changed forever. I hope by writing this people will be a better judge of what has happened than I ever could, if not for my sake alone but for the rest of humanity as a whole.

Laura Steel ©2015


Author: Laura Steel

I am the 33 year old trans-woman in current possession of this website used to promote my chosen vocation of writing, as well as being a blog for general rants and ideas. I am also an amateur improviser, sketch actor and stand-up comedian.

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