The Main Protagonists

The Venator of Umbrianox – Laurena Reaver

Laurena was born in the city of Umbrianox, otherwise known as ‘Blackhaven’, to a moderately wealthy family of Venators. As a child, Lauren’s parents were killed. Both were at the hands of the wanted Khryosian criminal, Lugo. She also had the misfortune of bearing witness to her mother’s death, while hidden away in safety of a shadowy secret hideaway, as Lugo’s hands were wrapped around her neck snapping it.

The streets of Umbrianox are no place for even the most toughest Umbrians. But Laurena, aged only 10 years old, survived. Left orphaned, homeless and alone, wandering the streets of the slum district. All thanks to the occasional pity help of strangers and her parent’s training; something that was common for Venators who bore children.

The longtime family friend, Mathias, found Laurena after his return from overseas and while owing a now unpayable debt to her parents he adopted her. After realizing her potential he persuaded her to join the Venator Guild, just like her parents. She reluctantly agreed. Because Mathias had influence with the Circle of the Hunt, so she began her training at the Guild at the age of sixteen, despite being two years before the minimum age. Doubts were cast that she would even survive the Ritual, which was mandatory for any Venator to join, yet the claims were unfounded.

Trained in the art of Sword-Dancing and Shadow Magik, she excelled even the most promising of peers almost twice her age. It was to be short-lived, however, when she received her first contract. She was to kill a couple of thieves, who had robbed a malicious merchant to survive but one who had himself conned them out of pocket to begin with. It was the same couple that from time to time aided Laurena by gifting her food, while she begged on the streets.

After refusing to complete the contract, which was to any Venator against their Codex, she instead took to killing the merchant who had his own bodyguards track down and corner the couple despite the contract.

Attempting to tip the balance back into the hands of the population, from those who were on the wrong side of her own moral code, she would build up a rather prestigious reputation all the while she continued to search for her parent’s killer.

 The Venator Code (Archaic):

Noxia’s shadows host forge
forging motions to strike
striking most untold fear
fearless to forthwith rend
rending foes thou redeem
redeeming thus vengeance

Umbria’s might thou weld
welding undying strength
stronger thou thus become
becoming agents of death
dying soothe thou ought bear
bearing thus thy vengeance

from the Venator Codex: Tablet Three
– Circa 620 MWE (Magikron Wars Era)

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The Ex-Communicated Champion of Solaran- Ayron Glorand

The Wayward Prince of Khryosis – Jayanis Aurumis

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