The Religions & Philosophies of Hexterra

Each of the six nations, throughout their history, have developed various religions and philosophical outlooks in their lives on Hexterra. As many worship the deities as those who don’t. It is widely known that the Pantheon has, from time to time, interfered in the Hexterran’s affairs, and many a testimony can attribute to the direct contact of particular individuals. The skepticism of many have only ever brought them negative consequences, yet this mealy could be coincidence.

The Academy’s Doctrine of Scientism: The Academy’s rules, regulations and religion of it’s running of Calderan society and the path of scientific discovery at all costs. In particular the operation of the Academy’s Geneforge. Only through pure scientific empirical knowledge can one hope to understand. So the Doctrine has become the absolute and deviation from the norm is found to be abhorrent to the Calderan’s progression. Many pray to the Goddess to Ignaria to stay her hand at their utter destruction from her raging volcano.
(Patron Deities: Ignaria and Scientia)

The Khrysosian Tenets of Avaritism: The Tenets have become absolute law in the city of Kryosis and have become explanations and examples on how the Khryosian citizens much conduct themselves in public, as well as their personal appearance. The Tenets are controlled by the King, who is believed to be in contact with the divine. The acquisition of personal and family wealth of each caste is the primary focus; by any means necessary if needs be. Materialism and the accumulation of wealth is a measure of an individual’s path to enlightenment. That greed is not a sin but a divine virtue.
(Patron Deities: Avaritus and Dolus)

The Nubani Principles of Sui’ism: The city of Nubinsulam, as a whole, is comprised of a confederation of separate Nests, among the Floating-Rocks of Nantisaxa. The Confederation’s collective tribes of the Nubani developed a core set of principles, in which any may or may not choose to follow. Self-reflection is key to an individual’s understanding. That in order to know the infinite universe one must know their finite selves first. Their xenophobic nature is a by product of not wanting outsiders to influence their collective meditation.
(Patron Deities: Libertus and Verimus)

The Venator Codex of Vindictism: The cornerstone of the Venator Guild’s rules, spiritual philosophy and religion. Many worship the dark gods of the Pantheon, yet some in Umbranox remain atheistic or choose to worship others at their own volition. Due to the anarchic nature of the Umbrians, each individual relies upon their own sense of morality. Many adopt the Codex as their own, where some do not follow a set form of guidance at all. This, as one would expect, causes constant conflict among its cities population where vengeance and vendettas are rife. Venators believe that only through conflict and death can one hope to achieve true peace and harmony. That only through bloodshed can they hope to understand themselves. The afterlife is but a reward for their life’s suffering and eternal damnation awaits those who remain weak and subordinate.
(Patron Deityies: Umbria, Noxia and Furia)

The Solarian Creeds of Trianity: The Triarchy of the Solarian Conclave’s Creeds form the guidance of the citizens of Solaris, as well as their practices of worshiping and conductance of societal life. Each citizen, either young, old, man or woman, must submit to the Creeds or face eternal punishment. That all individuals must pay they undue respect to the Trianity for their blessings of life, love and the light that guides them.
(Patron Deities: Lumia, Animia and Curus)

The Subundani Statues of Unism: The unwater ocean dome city of Subunda and its Republic’s core believe is that the universe is nothing but matter and energy. That while the citizens maybe many, they are all interconnected through fate. That everything that will be – will happen. There is no freedom or freewill but the compulsion of collective will. That the seemingly chaotic nature of everything, from currents of Hexterra’s oceans to the stars themselves, are merely ill perceived as such. That all matter and energy, in which the universe is comprised, moves with a singular direct purpose forward, through the divine’s willful intent.
(Patron Deities: Oceania and Soria)

Laura Steel ©2015