The Venator Codex of Vindictism (WIP)

The Venator Codex is the most revered documentation that the Guild possesses. Within it lies all of the teachings of The Venators. Believed to be directly inspired by the twin Goddesses, Umbria and Nox.

It has never seen a rewrite or alteration since but many have attempted to analyze it and its value in within modern Umbrian society. It has been in use for more than one thousand five hundred years, during the Guild’s formation in the later part of the Magikron War Era.

The Codex is formed into tablets made of bone and only the most experience and trusted Bone Welders are permitted to perform necromancy restorations upon them.

Core Values of Vindictivism

Vindictivism: is the indulgence of death over life. Life is preserved only through conflict, and not political apathy, from those who would seek another’s death. Those who are strong enough but don’t raise their blades when required: deserved to meet their foes.

Vindictivism: is the representation of wisdom through battle and not peaceful resolution. Death brings change and change brings evolution. Not through a mundane existence.

Vindictivism: is the installation of fear in one’s enemies heart, and not succumbing to the fear of one’s foe, or that of ignorance through lack of wisdom.

Vindictivism: is the ability to control one’s own emotions, such as happiness, love, lust, fear or anger, to empower oneself. There are no negative emotions, but those that one should enable to find oneself complete.

Vindictivism: is embracing affection on those who are deserving and not wasting it not on those who are undeserving. Charity of those weaker than you may bring you fuller hearts but lessen your resolve. Likewise, wasting one’s own anger on those who have done no wrong: is a fool’s errand.

Vindictivism: is the vengeance of those who have been wronged at the hands of the wicked. If no wrong has been committed then your blade must remain holstered.

Vindictivism: is the total gratification through the taking of an enemies life. However, if they are peaceful and stay their blade, then so to must you must stay your blade. There is nothing to be gained by cutting down those weaker than yourself.

Vindictivism: is the willful use of Magik by those gifted with Vis. Necromancy and other primal aspects of Magik are free to use as one sees fit. Aiming to use them for positive outcomes for all is the ideal.

Vindictivism: is the self-preservation of one’s own life, at any cost, but it is only through death one may find peace. A life of conflict is a life made worthy of living, there will be plenty of time for peace upon your death.

Vindictivism: is the embodiment of the Dark Ones of the Pantheon, though their embrace you will find content and restitution.

Rules of Vindictivism
  • Respect another individual on a hunt, unless they would cause you harm.
  • If your ground is intruded upon dispatch the intruder at your own volition.
  • Care not for the woes of another, unless they are friend.
  • Burden yourself not with the possessions of others.
  • Proceed not with sexual abuse. A person’s virtue is not yours to violate.
  • Children are unworthy prey.
  • Those the Circle of the Hunt have marked must be destroyed.
  • Preempt your foes with undue haste.
  • Bow down to no beast, man or god. In death we are all equals.
  • Vengeance must be obtained to restore balance, of yours or another’s.

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