The Six Nations of Hexterra

The world of Hexterra has since almost none stop violence and bloodshed over the course of it’s history. Some have risen only to be raised to ruins. Many races once sentient have only been brought to silence. Knowledge once known has been consigned only to the rare history books, many of which are now forgotten or lost.

In the year 1020 A.M.W, six nations, their hamlets, villages and capitals remain:

The exotic humanoid Solarans in their brilliant city of Solaris,
The dragonic Calderans in their dystopian basin city of Caldera,
The avian Nubani nests among the floating-rock city of Nubinsulam,
The amphibian Subundani in the oceanic dome city of Subandus,
The insectoid Khrysosians of the cavernous city of Khrysos,
and the dark humanoid Umbrians of the anarchic city of Umbranox.